Undecided - Try testing the market

  • Discreet and confidential.
  • Timely.
  • Non obtrusive.
  • Low cost. Good value.
  • Pro-active. We don't wait for action.
  • Accurate valuation and appraisal.
  • Market leading presentation and documentation.
  • Exposure to our proven database of buyers.
  • Prompt and regular reporting keeps you informed at all times.

Selling a business is an option which should be considered as part of any strategic business review, or normal business planning process.

However, you may not feel ready to commit to a full sale but could be interested in finding out what you are worth and if the market environment is conducive for a sale.

If that is the case then you will be interested in our innovative 'Test The Market' service. This allows you to evaluate both the level of interest and the likely value of your business without committing to a full sale.

This has proved a popular way for our clients to ascertain the appetite for their business, clear their thoughts whilst maintaining confidentiality and safeguarding the future of the business.

How does it work

We offer the same bespoke package of services as we would on a full sale project only without disclosing your confidential details until you are certain that you want to entertain a sale option.

Using our full range of marketing and sales skills we filter a carefully vetted and credit checked list of potential parties interested in your business. All done without anyone ever knowing who, or where you are.

We have an unrivalled history of securing interest and buyers for our clients. Last year 9 out of 10 of our clients received one, or more, offers for their business, compared to an industry average of just 12 in every hundred.

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L&W Contact Phone Number

If this sounds like it could be for you, get in touch with us and we can explain what's involved and how to get started. You'll be able to ask any questions and we can explain why this might be the right option for you.

Why not call now on 0845 644 0266 (local rate), or +44 (0)1225 460 777 for international callers.

Your request will be treated in TOTAL CONFIDENCE. We will review your enquiry and see how best we can help you.