a free confidential appraisal of your business today.

As you have probably realised, selling a business is not a decision which should be taken lightly. There are many factors to which you need to give serious thought. What’s involved? What do you need to do? Where do you start?

Are you even ready now, or could you do more to prepare?

A sample Pre-Sale Report
fig. a - Pre-Sale Report (PSR)

Start here. Introducing the Pre-Sale Report.

As a first step why not complete our straightforward Pre Sale Report (PSR) questionnaire?

The PSR is a diagnostic tool which will highlight any presale issues which can be resolved prior to going to market which means you will save significant time and money. This will prove a useful and informative exercise irrespective of whether you decide to use us to help sell your business.

confidential and secure.

It is a quick (less than eight minutes) questionnaire you can do at your leisure on your computer/iPad/phone and is securely held on our servers.

Our ‘no strings’ offer you to you

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A FREE* appraisal and PSR. No hard-sell. No obligation, just common-sense advice.

*A FREE valuation/appraisal is for qualifying commercial SME businesses. We do not offer a free initial appraisal/valuation to retail sector, franchise, licensed trade or fast food catering businesses.

Before you proceed, please note that we have minimum fees for any business sale engagement. If you're expecting a no sale no fee option, please do not apply for a free appraisal. Thank you.

To get started NOW, call us on 0845 644 0266 from the UK (local rate charged). Callers from outside the UK please dial +44 (1225) 460 777.

Here’s some of What will we cover?

The guide is aimed at individuals/private investors, not trade buyers, although it is relevant to both.

  • If your business saleable.
  • If now is the right time for you to sell.
  • How much your business is worth.
  • Keeping the sale private and confidential.
  • The secret to getting eager prospects trying to outbid each other to buy your business.
  • How to unlock the hidden value in your business and make it even more valuable.
  • If you are prepared for a sale and why you should be.
  • Insider facts: e.g. 10% Capital Gains Tax on the proceeds of a business sale. Are you eligible?

As you take advantage of our expertise, you will have the opportunity to ask questions and get the answers you need to help make the best decisions.

Remember, appraisals are entirely confidential, put you under no obligation and are of course FREE*.

Find out what you are worth and if you are ready to sell NOW. Just call 0845 644 0266 or 01225 460 777.