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By Howard Weston
Managing Director
Lucas & Weston Ltd

Horses for courses...
If you have been looking into the role of a broker and trawling the web, you've realised the bewildering array of choice. Many looking the same and all saying similar things. There is plenty of conflicting advice too.

There are a couple of hundred business brokers and transfer agents who all claim they can sell your business for its maximum value (what's minimum value?).

But not all business brokers are the same or operate to the same high standards. A broker who specialises in fish and chip shops, or retail businesses, is unlikely to be a good choice if you're a manufacturer, distributor, IT specialist or a recruitment consultancy.

As with any industry, there is good and bad. But how do you tell which when all claim the same things?

A good broker can dramatically increase the deal value of your business. They can look after your interests, smooth the selling process and save you time and money - generally making your life easier. All of which far outweighs the fee involved.

Conversely, a poor broker can cost you your nerves, a ton of money, antagonise buyers and have you pulling your hair out in frustration.

It really isn't a decision to be rushed or pushed on you by a flashy salesman you'll probably never see again, or on the promise of a deal never attainable from the outset.

uniquely placed
Apparently it’s not easy to differentiate, so this is the page where we clearly lay out why we are uniquely placed to help you.

We Deliverwe deliver

We are proud of our work and enjoy what we do. But the only thing that matters to our clients' is results.

Over 200 sales in the last 10 years. We will sell your business.

See our deals done and testimonial pages to see some of our results.


In the last 10+ years, we have negotiated the sale of over 200 companies. We'd like to use this experience to help sell your business, and one of our principals would personally handle every aspect of your sale, supported by our hand-picked team of researchers/analysts.

What we offer is a fully accountable, dynamic, personal service based on years of experience of getting deals done. All our work is bespoke and geared to each client’s individual circumstances and requirements.

As our client, you'll benefit from 40 odd years of frontline business sales experience in nearly all sectors of commerce and industry. Having built, run, managed, bought and sold several of our own businesses, we know what works and why, which means we can save you time and money.


Beyond having the experience to get your deal done, we’re one of the very few non-accountancy based brokers actually qualified.

Our principals hold the Corporate Finance Qualification from the Institute of Chartered Accountants. The highest accolade awarded by the Institute to recognise achievement, technical skill and knowledge in Mergers and Acquisitions (in other words selling businesses).

That means we are equally comfortable navigating our way through the toughest of negotiations and due diligence opposite some of the brightest finance directors working for the UKs largest PLCs and Private Equity businesses as we are the private investor or sole trader.

Six months from now isn’t the time to find out that your adviser is technically out of their depth at the eleventh hour. At risk is your credibility and having your negotiating positioned weakened, which could ultimately mean less money for you or worse - no deal!

Ask yourself, can you see the broker if he is even the person doing the work, going the extra mile or standing firm to fight your corner? Will they know when to push and when to stand firm? Can they spot the red herrings and dodge the blind alleys?

Will they stay late or come in early, even at weekends, to return that call or send that email?

Are they genuinely motivated and incentivised to make a deal happen?

We are.

Director Leddirector led

You should work with the people who actually do the job, someone responsible and accountable to you and whose interests are aligned with yours. Also someone who understands your position and is motivated to help you realise your goals. A director - not in title, an actual owner of the firm - works directly with you, so you don't have to play Chinese whispers with revolving account managers or call centre staff. You will get to know us, and you can expect to see the same faces from start to completion.

Return on investmentReturn on investment

We only take engagements where we can add value in excess of the fees we charge. This means you'll get a return on your investment and value for money.

Our fees are success based. We are incentivised to get you the best deal. The more money for you, means the more for us too.

We’re on the same side, as our interests are aligned.

Accurate ValuationaccuraTE VALUATION

We'll tell you what your business is worth and why. We can tell you if now is the best time to sell, or if you could you get a better deal by waiting. It is in neither of our interests to tell you only what you might want to hear. You can then plan effectively and know what the realistic and likely timescales and sales proceeds could be. We can also highlight any issues which could increase your business's value or ensure a smoother sale.

Outstanding presentationoutstanding presentation

Current research suggests that 6 seconds is all it takes for a buyer to decide whether to keep or bin your sales information. Your business has to stand out in order to be just looked at.

Our in-house graphic design team create documentation proven to motivate buyers to act and withstand adviser scrutiny. You won't find this attention to detail or technology/process in any other broker.

Well connectedwell connected

We are well connected and work with some of the leaders in their fields: from PLCs, private equity, venture capital, high net worth individuals and sophisticated investors.

We'll take responsibility for your business sale from initiation through to completion. Not just during the honeymoon at the start.

As a result, you'll get a choice of buyers from our marketing which generates qualified prospects from sources you couldn't reach yourself.


Knowing where to look. Knowing what works and why. Key elements necessary for the successful marketing of a business. It is a specialist skill. To do this right, leaving no stone unturned in the quest for the ultimate buyer, is expensive and time-consuming. It's an area where many business owners and their advisers cut corners.


We operate with total discretion at all times. Without this, we don't have a business. What's more, no sensitive commercial information is given to any party without passing through our vigorous vetting process and only following your express approval.


It is our names above the door. We are only as good as our last deal. We can’t afford to do a bad job. Success matters to us. Choosing us means you’ll work directly with the person doing the work for you.

Answerable to you at all times. Directly incentivised and responsible for your positive outcome.


Regular communication and a clear understanding of what's going on is vital to any business sale. Receive prompt, accurate feedback and reporting to keep you informed at every stage of the process.

Best interestsyour best interests

Our direct approach makes the process of selling a business easy to understand. We offer clients advice that is in their best interests, even if this means we profit less.

Easy to deal withEasy to deal with

With tried and tested systems in place we can launch a bespoke sales process quickly, with the minimum of fuss or interruption. Although we have sold a businesses in as little as three weeks, that's not the norm. Our average sale completes within six months. The market reacts positively and quickly to good opportunities.

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